Blood Orange Cupid Deluxe Vinyl 2LP

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So damn good. The sophomore album from Devonte Hynes aka Blood Orange is here, and it's something of a revelation. With pop music becoming more and more vapid and soulless, it's geniuinely refreshing to hear the sounds of Cupid Deluxe. Here Hynes captures the essence of heart-ache and longing with beautiful song writing that's full of subtlety and emotion. Just check the opener "Chamakay" for a taste - no one's making stuff like this at the moment. Even more impressive is the fact Hynes not only sings, but plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and synths (it's no wonder he's produced for Solange and Sky Ferreira)! Also check the upbeat 80's groove of "You're Not Good Enough," "No Right Thing," "Is It What It Is," the PM Dawn style "Clipped On," and the super catchy "On The Line." Amazing album through and through. Recommended.

  • music label: Domino 2013
reviewed by TKB 12/2013