Bob & Gene I Can Be Cool 7"

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Daptone put it best when it comes to this "new" Bob & Gene single: - This record is Deep. It's not for everybody. It's not for DJs looking for the fastest, loudest drum breaks. It's not for collectors who want to impress their friends. It's not for kicking off dance parties or cutting into samples for your friends to make beats with. This is a record for lovers. If that seems to be overstating the case a bit, maybe you haven't heard Bob & Gene, 'cause everyone I know who listened to their album on Daptone fell in love and now swears by it - it's powerful stuff. "I Can Be Cool" comes from the album, the bittersweet tale of young man without the "cool" resources to hook the girl of his dreams. Flipside is the previously unreleased, "Jackson 5-esque" number, "You Don't Need Me." Nice replica 45 label artwork, too.

  • music label: Daptone 2007
reviewed by: Chris Lemon-Red 05/2007