Bob & Gene You Gave Me Love 7"

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Holy chit! I been waiting for this sound for a long time man. Daptone and Truth & Soul have been flirting with ballad-type El Michaels and Lee Fields releases, but this is that real deal low rider anthem shit needing gun shot salutes and dedications to Smokey, Little Sad Eyes, and Joker from around the block. "You Gave Me Love" is fucking awesome. Don't test. Don't even flip it over (although "Your Name" is kinda tough too). Just be a man and run that ballad son. According to Daptone, this was originally released on the Buffalo-based label Mo Do, with Bob & Gene being label owner William Nun's 15 year old son & best friend. Hot shit that belongs on mix tapes, oldies radio, and my sunday afternoons.

  • music label: Daptone 2006
reviewed by: the mgmnt 10/2006