Born Bad Records Post Punk, Cold Wave, and Culture Novo En France 1978-1983 LP

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Out of the dystopian reality of late 1970s France came a creative and irreverent spirit. Artists like Lizzy Mercier Descloux and Henriette Coulouvrat pushed he boundaries of post punk while experimenting with new technologies that were appearing at the time. Along with those new technologies came a vision of a utopian future. One free from the disillusionment of the cold war and France's dismal economic state of affairs. While things may or may not have changed for the better the music that was produced from these circumstances is just as powerful today as it was back then. With the sounds of new & cold wave continuing to make their presence felt it only makes sense to turn towards the originators of these genres. Includes a fold-out color poster with bands info and unreleased photos. Limited to 500 copies.

  • Music Label: Born Bad Records 2008
reviewed by The Voice 05/2012