Braun ET66 Calculator by Dieter Rams (BN-E001BK)

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So good, Apple straight jacked it (for their original iPhone calculator design). Consistently mentioned when discussing everyday consumer design classics, the ET66 by Dieter Rams will make you feel like an avant garde Swiss-German designer studying under Walter Gropius (and dating some wool skirt wearing avantress). The Skittles-esque buttons will have your fingertips purring, and the lo-fi screen will take you back to a place they called the past (don't try to look it up). Yeah, calculators are rather obsolete, but it's the kind of thing you'll use and enjoy if it was in front of you. So much better than mouse clicking virtual calculator keys (a personal pet peeve). Your image will be enhanced. Strong. Buy 5 and give them to your loved ones. Recommended.

  • official re-release of the ET 66 Calculator, a design classic
  • originally designed in 1981 by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs
  • slide case included