Burial One/Two (Truant / Rough Sleeper) Vinyl 12"

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Burial can do no wrong. With every new record he puts out, the bar gets raised (never lowered). Case in point with Truant/Rough Sleeper, the UK producer's second 12" of 2012. It's no doubt he is a master of moody, atmospheric dubstep, but it's his constant innovation within these realms that sets him apart from the rest. Check "Truant" for example, an exercise minimalist dark side percussion, topped off with an unreal balance of sub-bass and his signature ethereal vocal chops. No one is even coming close to this right now. On the flip "Rough Sleeper" ventures deeper into thes zone with textured polyrhythms and big melancholy chords and heart wrenching vocal samples. Heavy, heavy vibes. Recommended.

  • music label: Hyperdub 2012
reviewed by Von Bee 01/2013