Burial Untrue Vinyl 2LP

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Sophomore albums are always tough, especially when your debut is as critically praised as Burial's. But with Untrue, Burial is unaffected by the sophomore slump. The album manages to stay true to the style and mood of the first album and is in someways more focused and affecting. With an introspective, emotive vibe throughout, Untrue manages to further carve a niche for Burial that no one else can come close too. Perfect for solo listening to soak in through your headphones on a rainy day, a hazy night or on a long drive. Listen to the lush production on "Archangel," "Near Dark," "Shell Of Light," "Homeless," and the steppy "Raver," all of which use Burial's clever vocal chopping techniques to create a unique brand of deep futuristic soul. Essential listening for fans of the first album and deeply textured, multi-faceted dubstep. Recommended.

  • music label: Hyperdub 2007
reviewed by TKB 10/2013