Busy P Reworking Is Not A Crime (Breakbot, Bok Bok) Vinyl 12"

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Busy P goes hard. That's a known fact, but incase you need more proof, the Ed Banger label boss revisits some tracks from his own catalog on the appropriately named Reworking Is Not A Crime EP. First up we're treated to three new remixes of 2013's "This Song" by Breakbot, Dessire, and DJedotronic. Breakbot's mix is the standout here with his signature funky touch that gives the track an old school Daft vibe. IF you wanna get weird, go for DJedotronic's version that sounds like a lost B-side to an obscure No-Wave or Goth 12". Next up, Busy P's theme song (aka "Rainbow Man") gets the 2014 upgrade with even more grit, glitz and shine to make the crowd lose it. Also includes the electro-fied Bok Bok remix of "Procrastinator." Import pressing, pic sleeve.

  • music label: Ed Banger 2014
reviewed by TKB 04/2014