Camp Lo Uptown Saturday Night Vinyl 2LP

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Can't believe we've never had this one up in the Lab before. K Lim said it best on his review of the Black Nostaljack 12" - "If any of you think that Camp Lo was a one hit wonder with "Luchini," well you may be right. However, that doesn't dismiss the fact they put out one of the strongest (my personal favorite) albums in mid 90s hip-hop." While it is true that everyone knows and loves Sonny Cheeba & Gicci Suede for "Luchini" (which is still bumped on original 12" to this day in the office), the full length is pretty much slept-on or forgotten. It's a shame really since that same blaxploitation influenced vibe that made "Luchini" so great is found all over Uptown Saturday Night. The whole album is super bumpable, despite the fact you can't really understand what the hell they are rapping about (but it doesn't really matter 'cause their rap delivery is just so charismatic). If you slept back in the day, here's your chance to get right on double vinyl. 14 tracks in all.

  • music label: Profile 1997
reviewed by Von Bee 07/2012