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Can Future Days (Free MP3) Vinyl LP

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Krautrock classic from Can Remastered! Future Days was Can's fifth studio album, and the last one they would record with Damo Suzuki as frontman. Even though this album marks the beginning of their more ambient / experimental phase (shifting away from true "Kraut rock"), there are still loads of funky, druggy jams and beats galore to be found here. After all, there are only 4 tracks and this is a full-length. The 9-minute title track leads things off, setting chill vibe and sounding like a direct predecessor to Air - except Air only wish they could make something this lush, organic and beautiful. "Spray" is another extended jaunt, similarly mellow and ambient until it explodes with torrid percussion and those trademark yelps from Damo. The unusually short and poppy "Moonshake" rounds out the A-side - but it's really just a quick breather before you hit the 20-minute "Bel Air," which takes up the entire B-side. You just have to hear that one for yourself. This legit repress comes in an embossed reproduction pic sleeve and free download card. Recommended.

  • Can's 5th studio album from 1973
  • remastered pressing
  • embossed pic sleeve
  • free download card included
  • music label: United Artists 1973 / Spoon 2014
reviewed by Chris Lemon-Red 07/2010