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This is one of 'em. One of those amazing rock records made by Europeans dabbling in jazz, funk, experimental rock and lots of acid laced frosty flakes. One of those interesting almost indefinitely, never heard something like that before, still listen to it when I'm not trying to impress anybody but it's got breaks for days records. Check out the sound on tracks like "Mushroom" and "Oh Yeah." Now I'm thinking every successful art rock band in the last 15 years must have heard this, and I'm loving it. Flip record 1 and you get the full side, 18 minute diarreah breaks of "Halleluwah." The second record gets way more experimental, but I'm sticking with it. "Aumgn" is another full-side workout/prayer to the Gods of experimentation that can be interesting. Tago Mago ends with "Bring Me Coffee Or Tea" and your head planted in an opium den. Essential krautrock classic!

  • music label: United Artists 1971 / Spoon 2014
reviewed by the mgmnt 12/2007