Capital Cities In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery Vinyl LP

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I mean, “Safe And Sound”??? A pop smash that ruled the airwaves for a long time while pushing the LA duo consisting of Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian to stardom… And yes, the song will probably be the career definer for Capital Cities, but dig a little deeper in to its 2013 debut In A Tidal Wave of Mystery, and you’ll find a funky (peep the bass work on “Origami” or “Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast”), disco-influenced brand of indie/synth pop that’s brimming with good-old songwriting. Picks include “Farrah Fawcett Hair” featuring André 300, “I Sold My Bed But Not My Stereo.” “Lazy Lies,” “Tell Me How To Live,” and “Kangaroo Court"...

  • music label: Capitol Records 2013
reviewed by donut savage 09/2016