Caribou Milk Of Human Kindness LP+CD

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Dan Snaith has cloaked himself in many guises over the years. When he first appeared as Manitoba, it was with the personal IDM of Start Breaking My Heart. The follow to that album, Up in Flames, threw the previous album's rule book out the window and sounded like the work of someone completely different. The precise electronics were traded in for pounding live drums and screaming guitars awash in noise. With the success of that album came more wide spread exposure and a threat from Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators. Papers were served, a trade infringement lawsuit was threatened, and Caribou was born. The first offering from Snaith's new incarnation was Milk Of Human Kindness. The album follows that path set by Up In Flames but travels further down the psychedelic rabbit hole. The song arrangements are tighter, the individual elements more present and the vocals more pronounced. One thing that remained intact was the pounding, pedal to the metal energy of Up In Flames. And when that translated to two drummers in Caribou's live formation you really got a feeling for what Snaith was on about. Songs with potent dynamics and dramatic builds that smack you across the head once they reach full steam. Limited edition repress housed in a gatefold sleeve with free CD copy of the album.

  • music label: Leaf 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 06/2013