Carl Craig More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art Vinyl 2LP

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Classic techno record from one of the leaders of Detroit's second generation. More Songs About Food And Revolutionary is one of Carl Craig's most respected and revered works. The album is a mind bending collection of genre defining tracks that would influence countless producers over the years. This 2014 repress has been remastered and features Craig's remix of Maurizio's (Basic Channel) "Domina" which is not on the original vinyl pressing. Craig pushed the boundaries of what techno could be, creating tracks that did not sound like anything that had come before. Tempos shift throughout the album, while lush pads define the atmosphere. The songs take their time to unfold through space, in contrast to the claustrophobic IDM that was developing across the pond at the time. Get yourself a copy of More Songs About Food And Revolutionary, an essential techno classic.

  • music label: Planet E 1997 / 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 01/2015