Chrissy & Hawley Chrissy & Hawley Vinyl 2LP

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Chrissy Murderbot, originally from Kansas, has made a name for himself as a DJ/producer in Chicago and beyond, pushing boundaries w/ his eclectic sets and promoting local genres like juke/footwork. Hawley, also from Kansas, has been doing her own thing as a promising singer-songwriter in Chicago. The two come together by a mutual friend’s recommendation (Chrissy was looking for a vocalist), and stars align, the result being this eponymous debut from the duo. Chrissy & Hawley is tailored for the dancefloor, with ’80s-driven synths and wave-y baselines laying down the foundation for emotional, melodic, and catchy vocals. It’s bouncy and fun, with the tracks occupying the extremely accessible and danceable space between indie pop, nu-disco, and house. Highlights include: “A Life To Lead,” Photo Booth,” “Weekend,” “Personal Touch,” and “The Woods.”

  • music label: The Nite Owl Diner 2016
reviewed by donut savage 07/2016