Clara Mondshine Luna Africana Vinyl LP

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First ever reissue of this hard to find kraut electronic album! Clara Mondshine is the alias of Walter Bachauer, a radio director, journalist, and composer who worked for RIAS Berlin in the 70s and 80s. Bachauer collaborated with electronic artist Peter Michael Hamel and was part of the krautrock act Between in the 70s, as well. With his Clara Mondshine project he explored the second wave of cosmic music, applying motorik rhythms under spacious soundscapes to create trance inducing pieces. The music takes a left turn from the grand statements of the 70s, although it owes a debt to those explorations. Mondshine's productions are lo-fi and imaginative, painting vast landscapes in space. Anyone who's been into the Eno / Harmonia collaborations, Cluster's Zuckerzeit, or motorik electronic music in general should pick Luna Africana up. Originally released on Klaus Schulze's Innovative Communication, this long out of print secret gem is now available again.

  • limited edition reissue
  • music label: Innovative Communication 1981 / Fifth Dimension 2015
reviewed by W los Car 08/2015