Clio Faces Vinyl 12"

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Classic Italo disco from the mid 1980s. "Faces" is the second single from Italy's Clio (aka Maria Chiara Perugini) and the second classic from the ice cold singer. Produced by Roberto Ferrante of Pineapples fame, the song is an irresistible blend of punchy synths, chugging drum machines and catchy melodies. The heavy chorus adds a bit of new wave styling that sets the track apart from the Italo of the early 80s. The flipside features "Feel The Fear" which comes of as more freestyle than anything else. It's a good track in its own right, but all you're really here for is "Faces." Recommended.

  • limited to 200 copies
  • music label: La Discoteca 1985 / 2016
reviewed by Señor Sueño Latino 05/2016