Cocteau Twins Stars And Topsoil - A Collection (1982-1990) Vinyl 2LP

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In the awkwardness meter, The Cocteau Twins land somewhere a bit more awkward than Kate Bush but eons cooler than Enya. It's the stuff you only listen to in private unless you're a real hot alternative chick with holes in her striped stockings. Checkout "Carolyn's Fingers" and you'll know right away if you're a Cocteau fan or not. Personally, I love this weird shit... it's ethereal and entrancing... the melodies sink into your subconscious and weave themselves into your mind matter. The wiki mentions something about "mouth music"... weird. I don't have to sell this to fans: it's a 18 track comp of their prime years (1982-90) pressed in deluxe 4AD packaging. So if you ditched you're CD collection, this might be a nice re-entry. Recommended. 

  • music label: 4AD
reviewed by: the mgmnt 02/2012