Cocteau Twins The Pink Opaque (180g) Vinyl LP

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Expertly assembled compilation of early work from the Cocteau Twins. After gaining considerable success in the UK and Europe, the Cocteau Twins were introduced to US with this compilation. The Pink Opaque picks some of the band's best material for a co-release from their home label, 4AD, and American label, Relativity. None of the tracks had been released in the US until this compilation came out. Whoever was tasked with putting it together seems to have known exactly what they were doing. They included the entirety of the excellent Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops EP, all three tracks completely worthy of being a part of the compilation. There's the cover of the Garlands' "Wax and Wane," which is slightly remixed and arguably better than the previously released version. The somewhat rare "Millimillenary," from compilation tape given away by New Musical Express, offers up a good mix of the bands lushness and Elizabeth Fraser's unique vocals. Other songs include "The Spangle Maker," "Hitherto," "From the Flagstones," "Lorelei," and the then recent single "Aikea-Guinea." The perfect teaser for anyone wondering what the Cocteau Twins were all about.

  • 180 gram pressing
  • music label: Relativity / 4AD 1986 /2015
reviewed by draumur prinsessa 07/2015