Cole Medina & Scott K Vs. James Brown Vinyl EP

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12" Vinyl $14.95
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Finally back in print! Cole Medina & Scott K's remixes of JB have been a hot commodity since it originally dropped back in 2009. Their version of "I'm Satisfied" is a proven party starter that gets the crowd moving EVERYTIME. Needless to say this one never leaves the bag, and if you missed out the first time, consider this your second chance! Don't sleep! Here's the original Lab review: Cole Medina moves records. His records consistently appeal to the edit snobs, house heads, and money gig club djs. Here he teams up with Scott K for a great set of James Brown remixes and DJ tools. The housey extended mix of "I'm Satisfied" is already a big hit amongst djs in the know (see the attached video of Jesse Saunders killing the crowd with it). Next checkout the two supremely useful JB DJ tools, "Clap Your Conga" and "Stomp Your Cowbell." These will get your creative juices flowing. Lastly, for all the hardcore JB fans, the duo has thrown in an original public service announcement from the Godfather telling his children to stay off drugs. Now on black vinyl, Highly recommended.

  • music label: Boxmusic 2009 / 2013
reviewed by snackmaster 08/2013