Com Truise In Decay Vinyl 2LP

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Before he was picked up by Ghostly, Com Truise was making music in his apartment in New Jersey. In Decay collects those early recordings and demos, giving us a taste of what a pre-fame Truise was up to. The 80s synths and nostalgic sounds are present, but we get a glimpse of the producer establishing his sound, toying with 8-bit aesthetics, synthesizer funk and slow burning dance music. Fans of Com Truise might be familiar with the sonic palette he employs but it comes off a bit differently with this release. You'll be thrown back into the 80s with tracks like "Controlpop," "Colorvision," "Dreambender" and "Yxes" as In Decay was previously only available as a digital release. Now you can finally enjoy on vinyl! Includes free download.

  • music label: Ghostly International 2014
reviewed by Le Haim 08/2014