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Cookin' Gumbo is Captain Planet's first full-length on Bastard Jazz. The album expands on the vibe of his previous releases and explores the Captain's penchant for taking sounds from all corners of the globe and applying his hip-hop production sensibilities to making dancefloor/electronic music. Things open up on "Ram Ad Infinitum" with deep and spiritual Hindu vibes, complemented by a hard-hitting drum break and buzzing synths. Next up is "Get You Some," a catchy, sure-fire bossa-nova with vocals from up-and-coming LA soulstress Brit Lauren. The Brazilian vibe continues with the funky "Macumba," the party-starting, drum'n'bass/hip-hop-in-Rio style of "Fumando," and "Samba Radiante 2011," a total dancefloor reconstruction of a popular track from the Captain's first EP. Next we're off to Africa with "Ningane," a horn-driven slice of hard afro beat, and the electro Nigerian bomb that is "Lagos Speedway." We also call on Puerto Rico ( "Dame Agua," "Speakin' Nuyorican"), Japan ("One for Japan"), the funky American South ("Another Dollar," "On Yer Feet") and more on this funky worldwide journey.

  • music label: Bastard Jazz
reviewed by Bastard Jazz 09/2011