Crystal Castles Amnesty (I) Vinyl LP

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To those that thought Crystal Castles was a wrap after Alice Glass quit in 2014, Ethan Kath fires back hard. Amnesty (I) is the Canadian outfit’s first album in about 4 years, and it’s an aggressive, noise-filled amalgamation of witch house, electro, industrial, beats and goth pop that’s reminiscent of the group’s best, past efforts. Losing the de facto face of Crystal Castles could have been detrimental, but Kath enlists Edith Frances, whose enigmatic, controlled vocals sit extremely well with his chaotic, raved-out productions that often defy categorization. Listen to “Char,” an emotional, melodic tune that highlights Frances’ voice, or the slower, trap-inspired opener “Femen” and “Sadist.” “Fleece” is a menacing electro-punk smasher, and “Enth” is another potent rager that reminds listeners of Crystal Castles’ earlier material.

  • music label: Fiction Records 2016
reviewed by donut savage 10/2016