Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow Product Placement (Deadstock) CD

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Deadstock find! Official copies of Shadow & Chemist's Product Placement, originally only available on the Product Placement tour back in 2001 and in small spurts on the net. For those unfamiliar, this is Shadow & Chemist's follow up to the legendary Brainfreeze mix - a non-stop melee of heavy funk breaks and old school hip-hop joints, cut and mixed by two of the best to ever catch wreck on the decks with a stack of 45s. Listen and learn how it should be done on 2 (yes, two!) continuous mixes of pure, unadulterated 7" badness. Each copy has a numbered hologram sticker on the back so you know it's legit. Limited stock.

  • music label: One 29 Recordings
reviewed by Von Bee 02/2013