Cut Copy Presents Oceans Apart Sampler Two Vinyl 12"

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Cut Copy compilation focusing on their backyard. Rewind 10 years before this compilation and we were treated to the debut album from a relatively unknown dance duo that helped shape a new generation. Their debut album, Bright Like Neon, gave us one of the earliest glimpses of what was going on down under. Warm synths, fantastic melodies, essentially a third wave of the more discofied French sound. Fast forward to 2014, Cut Copy has become hugely successful and put a few more albums under their belts and they've turned their focus on where things started for them. 'Oceans Apart' put the spotlight on the up and coming Melbourne scene that has since become one of the most looked to in the world of dance not dance music. Broken into two parts on vinyl, the first sampler is a much more subtle introduction with some Lab favorites showing up. Part two gives us another diverse selection starting things off with Fantastic Man's 'Robotic Temptation', a soundtracky vibe that could have been pulled from a cinemax Macgyver parody (not a dis). Next up is Turkish Prison's 'Overboard' that offers a much more 'Cut Copy' sound. Bell Towers' 'After Party at Jackson's House' is menacing slo-mo cut. NoZu's 'Raw Vis Vision' is a stand out, sounding something like what I would imagine Konk to make if they were still making music.

  • music label: Cutters 2014
reviewed by Sanchez 3/2016