Cypress Hill Cypress Hill (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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20-years old and as potent as ever... Cypress Hill's self-titled debut. The album, available in colored vinyl, features audio remastered from the original source tapes, and is a no brainer. Check out the OG Lab review of the Golden Era classic: "There's always the classic records that you know that are the shit, but pass on for the underground single that you say would be great on a mixtape but actually you get sick of in 2 listens and throw it in the back crate. Then when you finally do buy the classic record, you find that it makes your life just that much better. For all you mtv youngins, this album is from the good ole' days when Mr. B-Real, Sen-Dog and Muggs were keepin it solid like Ashford and Simpson. So powerful, it made white-boys think that they looked cool in afros... So powerful, it caused teary-eyed inter-preppie rumbles over the ethics of inhaling weed smoke at my high school... So powerful the ugly mo-fo scored the slut n' butt named Elektra. I think the beats on here are some of the most napped-on (rugged slang) from the golden era. "Pigs", "How I Could Just Kill a Man", "Hand on the Pump", "Real Estate", "Stoned Is the Way of the Walk"... When we get older, this shit will be like the White Album was to our parents." Recommended.

  • colored vinyl
  • music label: Get On Down
reviewed by nakinboots 08/2011