D.O.A. Bloodied But Unbowed (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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D.O.A. helped usher in the second wave of the American punk. 1983's Bloodied But Unbowed draws from their first two albums as well as various singles and other releases from early in their career. The compilation is an outstanding collection of early hardcore. The music is faster and more dynamic than what came before. D.O.A. take shots at America on "Fucked Up Ronnie" and "World War 3," while the majority of the songs deal with the usual punk pastiche. Whatever the case the status quo was always firmly in D.O.A.'s sights. Legendary hardcore punk material.

  • red vinyl pressing
  • music label: Alternative Tentacles 1983 / Let Them Eat Vinyl 2015
reviewed by ninetwofour 07/2015