• D-Styles: Gag Ball Breaks LP

Gag Ball Breaks LP

Dirt Style Records

↳ dirty scratch beats + samples

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Classic scratch beats from the Wax Fondler. Side one starts off with some neck bobbin' downtempo electro beats. Our favorite's the second track with an electro bassline of EPMD's "You're a Customer." Next up, D-styles patented skratch sentences. As usual, his senteces are intelligently put together so that every noise can be utilized allowing for multiple noise combos. Our favorite part: "Devastate... itch... fresh" and D-Styles' famous "bust this, bust that." One of the sentences consists of sped up on-beat skratch noises; we're not quite sure what to make from it, but you know people are going to be making some crazy shit from it. Side two has a some dark hard hitting electro beats that change tracks on beat (one continuous changing beat). And for all those late night stone sessions, there are two never ending looped beats at the end of each side. Never have to say: "damn I was feelin that shit, why'd it have to end?" Honestly this (and the Unearthed 3) is one of the tightest break records to come out in a while. If you liked Black Market or Sqratch Fetishes, or even if you didn't, you'll like this instrument. Got Gagball?

  • music label: Dirtstyle 1999
reviewed by the mgmnt 12/2011




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