Daft Punk Translucence (Record Store Day) 10"

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10" vinyl $19.95
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Record Store Day Exclusive! Daft Punk's Translucence 10" is easily the coolest looking of the RSD releases. The duo teamed up with Disney Records to release 4 tracks from the Tron soundtrack on pic discs made to resemble the Tron discs from the movie (you know the ones they throw at each other in the arena). Too cool, plus the music is awesome as you'd expect from Bangalter & Homem-Christo. You get the epic theme track "Derezzed," "TRON Legacy," "End of Line" and "Castor" which was previously only available on the special edition bonus CD. Comes in three randomly shipped colors (orange, blue, and yellow - sorry we cannot fulfill any color requests). Act fast 'cuz these are super limited, recommended.

  • music label: Disney 2011
reviewed by snackmaster 04/2011