Dance Gavin Dance Instant Gratification (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP+CD

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Sacramento's Dance Gavin Dance has been at it for years. Over that time they gone through numerous lineup changes. Despite all that the band has stuck closely to their trademark post hardcore style. They take a more indie rock inspired approach as opposed to the emo and screamo leanings of some of their contemporaries. That being said the band tends to alternate between screamed and cleaner vocals on Instant Gratification. They bring some serious passion to the vocal delivery that is equally matched by the instrumentation. The guitars are especially melodic, something that not every post hardcore group can deliver. And give a listen to Jon and Tilian's vocals on the chorus of "Variation," you wont be disappointed.

  • oxblood vinyl pressing
  • includes CD version of the album
  • music label: Rise Records 2015
reviewed by The Trojan Horse 05/2015