Danny Krivit Dance To The Music 12"

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Hell yeah, "Love City" on 12"? This has always been one of the best Sly tracks to me, so fuckin grimy with those golden crisp drums and Sly just wailing. 15 seconds of this song makes all the $1000 funk 45s in the world irrelevant. And what's funny is kids got Salt and heart problems and have brain murmurs crying the tears of a Rojac clown. But they never even heard the Life album. I guess that's why you all got Turntable Lab... Anyway, Danny's "Dance To The Music" edit is pretty dope too, those drums were always needing to be extended, and this would be a slick transition from something more syncopated into a nice warm soulful part of a set. People always front, but it's usually something like Jackson 5 or Sly that really rips the whole party wide open; it's just equal opportunity music. And for fuck's sake, if you don't own any Sly albums, or even worse you own them but don't listen to them, go find a copy of There's a Riot Goin On and eat some pills. Thank me later.

  • music label: T.D. 2003
reviewed by Bob Bannister 11/2005