Daphne Oram Oramics 4LP

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Massive repress! Originally released in on CD 2007, Oramics collected the compositions of former co-founder and director of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Daphne Oram, particularly that of her post BBC experimental work. Designed in 1957, Oramics (along with being the name Oram used to refer to her studio and business interests generally) is a drawn sound technique that involves drawing on 35mm film strips to control the sound produced. Oram further developed the process in 1962 after receiving a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation. She would draw shapes on the film that would create a mask, which modulated the light received by photocells. Along with developing the instrument and becoming the first woman ever to design and build an electronic musical instrument, Oram produced a large and intriguing body of work. Of course there is her early material for the BBC, but there is much more to it than that. Oramics brings together 44 compositions from the pioneering electronic musician. It is material that is as varied as it is groundbreaking. The pieces range from classic playful interludes and commercial recordings to beautiful, immersive pieces. They all tend to feature her penchant for introspective and multi-layered material that proved that there could be depth in a field that many had yet to master. You can still hear Daphne Oram's influence in music that is being made today. Limited edition clear vinyl 4LP pressing housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve full of archival photographs.

  • music label: Young Americans 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 05/2013