Darbys Auto Reverse Cassette

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Some things take awhile to ferment and take shape. When it starts with late nights tucked away in some random storage room, filled with synths and drum machines, it can take even longer. Darbys started at jamming as a primal way to capture the essence of three dudes hanging out. Fortunately, they were smart enough to hit record and commit those jams to tape. What they ended up with are some pretty pure post punk and new wave inspired tracks. The music stays away from being self conscious and has no sense of pretension. It's as if you're a fly on the wall in that synth filled storage room, basking in the beer foam and spliff smoke. At times Darbys float through rudimentary moments only to move through more sophisticated passages. If you like Suicide, Wire, Ariel Pink or the sounds of Neue Deutsche Welle then Darbys have got your number.

  • music label: Darbys 2015
reviewed by Prince Charles 02/2015