Dawn Of Midi Dysnomia (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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Don't assume. To the unfamiliar, a name like "Dawn Of Midi" might conjure up thoughts of dusty drum machines, vintage synths, and obscure electronic relics. That couldn't be further from reality, as the Brooklyn-based trio actually play a traditional jazz setup consisting of grand piano, upright bass, and drums. This contradictory name and setup is perfectly fitting when you actually listen to what it is they are doing on Dysnomia. Here the group deconstruct jazz to it's core and rebuild with an minimalist aesthetic akin to Steve Reich, hypnotic acoustic rhythms, and tension building repetition comparable to Aphex Twin. The end result is a stunning hybrid of minimal, modern classical, jazz, and techno that only gets better upon repeat listens. Check the sound on "Atlas," "Nix," "Moon," "Algol," and the title track "Dysmonia." Limited edition clear double vinyl pressing with download included. Only 500 copies made. Recommended.

  • limited edition of 500
  • clear vinyl pressing
  • recorded live to 2" tape by Henry Hirsch at Waterfront Studios
  • digital download included
  • music label: Erased Tapes Records 2015
reviewed by Repeater 08/2016