Deerhunter Microcastle / Weird Era Cont. Vinyl 2LP

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Deerhunter's critically acclaimed follow up to 2007's Cryptograms. Recorded over the course of a week at Rare Book Studios in Brooklyn, New York with Nicolas Verhes in April 2008, Microcastle pointed at a change in direction for the band. Unlike the previous LP, the band decided to forgo heavy utilization of effects pedals. Front man Bradford Cox said of the album that, "I'm more interested in the micro-structure. I want things to be a lot shorter, I don't want there to be as much long-windedness to it." The result was a tightly focused collection of recordings that won critics and fans over. There was some controversy surrounding the release of Microcastle. The album leaked before the release date which led to Deerhunter recording a second album as a thank you to fans that waited. The result was Weird Era Cont., an album that continues in the footsteps of Microcastle. The two albums are presented together in a gatefold sleeve that features the cover art from the original CD release.

  • music label: Kranky 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 02/2014