Denis Sulta L.A Ruffgarden E.P. Vinyl 12"

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Stellar house and techno on Glasgow's Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Denis Sulta's L.A Ruffgarden E.P. just might be one of the best releases the label has put out to date. All three tracks work it out in their own unique way. Supposedly inspired by a roof terrace his brother built with a scrap of AstroTurf and a couple of deck chairs, the EP has a slightl ramshackle quality to it. Sulta's productions are loose and meandering affairs that take their time doing what they do. Despite how that might look on paper, the music is utterly engaging and easy to get lost in on the dancefloor. There is plenty of free floating percussion on all three cuts that helps to bring a live feeling. The choice of samples leads you far out of Glasgow into a space that is far more tropical. Running underneath it all is a dark and sinister side that helps to take the music somewhere else. Ultimately rewarding for the adventurous.

  • music label: Dixon Avenue Basement Jams 2015
reviewed by Joey Coco 08/2015