Denitia and Sene His and Hers Vinyl LP

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Sometimes you just want to stay in bed all day long. It's hard to say exactly why. Perhaps it's due to what you did the night before, or maybe it's because of who you woke up next to. In either case you're there and you need something to listen to. Denitia and Sene have got you covered. The Brooklyn based duo have an effortless sound that seems to float around your head and nudge you back into your dreams. They duo at a party one night at The Clubhouse (aka Club Casa), an old Victorian home which serves as both a residence and recording space for a collective of musicians that frequently work together. Sene has been releasing solo work and fronting indie group The Recess (Sene x The Cluhouse) for the past 5 years or so. But the music he's made with Denitia follows a different path. They share vocal duties over his productions, which are backed up with assists from J57 and Nolan Thies amongst others. Their music takes cues from folk, lo-fi, and electronic sounds while evincing an underlying pop current. It's music to make love to your old lady by or to just slip off somewhere else in your mind. Checkout the video the Lab's own Baliwas produced that captures the recording of His and Hers below. Red vinyl pressing.

  • music label: Snow Dog Records 2013
reviewed by Kool Moby 03/2014