Dennis Edwards Don't Look Any Further 12"

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12" vinyl $8.00
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Dennis Edwards' "Don't Look any Further," the 80's R&B classic on a good sound quality boot. "DLAF" is like the bass line record to end all bass line records. A NY club staple for years, this early 80's soul funk ballad has been lifted by every hip hop artist, from Eric B & Rakim to the Big Tymers. You'll hear the sound clip and instantly recognize it, then you'll buy it cause you need it. Sorry, I'm not giving any "mix with" hints anymore, cause Kevin and Woodman be biting like sharks around chum. The b-side is Isaac Hayes's Truck Turner blacksploitation classic "Pursuit of the Pimpmobile." Not the easiest soundtrack to find and when you do, it's usually beat to shit or missing the good record, like mine. Another double a-side boot for that ass.

  • music label: Giant 
reviewed by roc 05/2005