• Denon: DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)
  • Denon DP300F Turntable Breakdown
  • Denon: DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)
  • Denon: DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)
  • Denon: DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)
  • Denon: DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)
  • Denon: DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)
  • Denon: DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)
  • Denon: DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)

DP-300F Automatic Turntable (DP300F)

↳ recommended entry level with auto-play+stop

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  • recommended listening turntable at entry-level price
  • automatic operation: play button turns on motor and puts tonearm on record. stop button returns tonearm and stops motor.
  • built-in phono pre-amp - ready to plug into your audio system's AUX input
  • Denon cartridge pre-mounted on removable headshell, easily upgradeable
  • adjustable tonearm, finetune weight and anti-skating
  • 33/45 rpm speed switch button
  • deep black gloss finish



Denon's DP-300F is a full featured listening turntable with convenient automatic operation, built-in preamp and upgradable cartridge. With the automatic play function, push play and the tonearm automically moves and will play the entire side of a record and then gently return to the arm rest when finished. If you want to stop a record early, there's also a stop button which also brings the tonearm back to resting. Anyone who has ever left about a record playing and returned to the turntable with the needle scraping over label will certainly benefit from this feature. The switchable (on-off) built-in preamp allows the turntable to be plugged into any amplifier, not just amps with specific phono input, making the DP-300F a very versatile turntable that can work with almost any home listening system. 

The DP-300F also features a removable cartridge (something that similar-priced audiophile turntables lack) allowing you to upgrade to the cartridge of your choice, however the included MM Cartridge sounds great right out of the box. Other features include switchable 33/45 RPM play at the push of a button (another convenient feature audiophile turntables often lack), die-cast aluminum, vibration-reducing base, and refined gloss finish. Due to the nature of belt drive turntables, the DP-300F is recommended for listening to vinyl, not DJing.


  • Belt drive motor
  • RCA outputs
  • Power supply: AC 120V, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions 434 x 122 x 38 mm / 17.1" x 4.8" x 15.0"
  • Weight 5.5 kg, 12.13 lbs


  • pre-mounted Denon MM Cartridge
  • 45 adapter
  • dust cover
  • Lab Pack


Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • I need to know if the depth {front to back} dimension for the Denon DP-300 is 15" or 17.1"? I just ordered one but forgot to check my shelf depth, which is 15.5".............Thanx

    The Denon: DP-300F Fully Automatic Turntable (DP300F) depth (front to back) is 15 inches. The width is 17.1 inches.

  • What cartridge does this come with? I know I can upgrade to the 2M Red, but I want to know how much of an upgrade that is by first knowing what it comes with by default. Is it the AT3600L?

    The stock cartridge that comes with the Denon: DP-300F Fully Automatic Turntable (DP300F) is the Denon MM Cartridge.

  • Is this a usb turntable?

    The Denon: DP-300F Fully Automatic Turntable (DP300F) has no built-in USB connections.

  • Is the provided stylus conical or elliptical?

    The stock stylus is conical.


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