D'eon / Grimes Darkbloom Vinyl LP

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Sought-after release from Grimes finally back in print! Originally released in 2011, Darkbloom finds Claire Boucher splitting sides with fellow Montreal artist D'eon to explore realms of experimental avant-pop. It would be the release just before Grimes breakout Visions (released the following year in 2012) and you can hear hints of her signature sound forming on tracks like "Vanessa" and "Crystal Ball." Also includes darker tones like "Orphia" and "Urban Twilight," plus ambient moods on "Hedra" that give some depth to the release. D'eon's side is also definitely worth checking out with highlights including the infectious "Transparency," "Thousand Mile Trench," and "Tongues." Comes in full pic sleeve with digital download included.

  • official reissue
  • digital download included
  • music label: Arbutus Records 2016
reviewed by Robson Fry 05/2016