DIIV Is There Are Vinyl 2LP

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Sophomore studio album from New York's DIIV. Zachary Cole Smith set a lot of expectations for his band DIIV's second album. It's been nearly four years since their debut, Oshin, and while Is The Is Are does not completely reinvent the band's sound, it makes it a whole lot more interesting. It's certainly an ambitious effort; seventeen tracks spread out over four sides that seem to continuously draw you in. Soaring guitars dive into waves of sound wile the vocals seem to barely make it to the surface. The ebb and flow of the album stands in contrast to the steady pace of DIIV's debut. Where Smith was responsible for every note that was played on that album, the road tested band that now makes up DIIV is present on Is The Is Are. Every instrument is fighting to assert itself, further expanding the band's sound. Includes the songs: "Dopamine," "Dust," and "Waste of Breath." Seventeen tracks in all. 

  • two 12 page 12" x 12" lyric + art booklets
  • includes download code
  • music label: Captured Tracks 2016
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 03/2016