Dinosaur Jr. You're Living All Over Me Vinyl LP

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One of the classics of American indie rock. Dinosaur Jr. drew influence from hardcore punk, the noisier side of Sonic Youth, heavy metal, and Neil Young's melodic hard rock to create You're Living All Over Me. Supposedly named after a line uttered by frontman J Mascis while on tour with the band, the album marked a turning point in American underground rock & roll. The band was heavy with Mascis' atonal guitar work, bringing more conventional song structures to the noise of Sonic Youth. His trademark self-absorbed whine stood apart from the hardcore rants and wanna be Michael Stipes that populated the indie world at the time. Lou Barlow's bass drives the songs forward over the resounding drums of Murph. Listen to tracks like "Little Fury Things," "Raisans," "In a Jar," and Barlow's proto-Sebadoh "Poledo," and you'll be able hear the influence the album had throughout indie rock.

  • music label: SST Records 1987 / Jagjaguwar 2011
reviewed by Hank Ohs 12/2014