Diplo F10rida Vinyl (180g) Vinyl 3LP

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Deluxe triple vinyl reissue of Diplo's 2004 debut F10rida on Big Dada. This is what started it all. Lab heads should already know what's up, this is essential listening, especially if you didn't know about Diplo before Major Lazer. Our vintage Lab review - OK, by know you know that we're pretty much down with everything Diplo does. You know we're gonna give this a positive review, blow some smoke around and maybe gush over it a little bit; but that's only because the shit is so good. Sorry, it just is. On Florida, Diplo makes thinking-man music that ain't boring and doesn't have a stick up it's ass. Such a rare thing. Like most debut albums, the tracks here are years in the making, and despite his open stance in terms of direction, they smoosh his many musical sides together with style. You can feel the influence of all the various projects- AEIOU beat tape smarts, hollertronix baltimore/ bounce sensibilities, etc- and the combination doesn't sound like anything else out there. Don't make me sound like a tool describing it, just pick this up with confidence. Pressed on 3 x 180 gram vinyl and housed in triple gatefold sleeve. Recommended.

  • 10 year anniversary vinyl pressing of Diplo's first album
  • includes the 'Epistomology Suite’ plus 5 unreleased tracks from the Florida sessions
  • originally released on Black Friday Record Store Day 2014
  • music label: Big Dada Recordings 2004 / 2014
reviewed by Von Bee 12/2014