Disco Strut Disco Strut Vol. 2 2LP

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Sweet re-issue for the disco and boogie heads. Disco Strut #2 gives us 11 standout tracks that pre-date the recent wave of reissue 12's and disco mix cds. Tracks include stuff like Dayton's major "Sound Of Music," which Monk included on Monk’s Dream, Ethel Beatty's "I Know You Care," the awesome 10” promo dub of Carol Williams' "Can’t Get Away," Risco Connection’s take on “Good Times,” Asso’s “Don’t Stop” and a bunch of rarities that remain relatively undiscovered. Dig in again, all these tracks are top notch in the left-field ballroom vein and very play worthy. 11 total over 2LPs in plain white sleeve.

  • music label: Disco Strut 2005
reviewed by the mgmnt