DJ Soulscape More Sound Of Seoul (Korean Funk + Psyche) CD

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Incredible, never thought I'd see a volume two, but Soulscape just had someone hand-deliver these from Seoul! The first volume of this Korean diggers' series sold out very quickly, and with good reason, you're not going to find this stuff anywhere else (still have my Peter Luger porterhouse bet open). Soulscape gives us a little background: "The Postwar Korean Peninsula was a melting pot where different cultures from the east and west collide. The music business grew significantly as clubs were founded around the US military bases and musicians playing for the clubs had interpreted and localized rock, jazz, soul, and boogaloo in various styles. However, such unique music was suppressed and vanished for the political interests of the military regime in the mid 70s an it still remains discontinued and underestimated." DEEP! Essential for Koreans and record heads now in deluxe reissue with gatefold jacket. 40 tracks mixed, one hour, recommended.

  • music label: Studio 360
reviewed by the mgmnt 03/2010