DJ Sprinkles Vs K-S.H.E - A Short Introduction To The House Sounds Of Terre Thaemlitz Vinyl 12"

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Deep house perfection from Terre Thaemlitz. It's no secret that DJ Sprinkles' back catalog is filled with gems like the two tracks featured on A Short Introduction To The House Sounds Of Terre Thaemlitz. Both cuts were originally released in the mid-2000s on Sprinkles' own Comatonse label, we have to thank Skylax for shedding some new light on them. The A side, which was first released on the digital only A Silence Broken compilation, seems to be the mellower of the two, layers of percussion buoyed by deep bass and the repeating vocal refrain of "Hush Now." It's a deceptively simple track as it expands over time, eventually resolving itself in a protest chant. "B2B," from Sprinkles' 2006 Routes Not Roots album as Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion, lifts the tempo and is an excellent example of what the storied house producer can do. Recommended.

  • music label: Skylax 2010
reviewed by Joey Coco 05/2015