DJ Vas Re-Edits & More Vol.5 (The Dells, Powerline) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $13.95
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Volume 5 in DJ Vas' edit assault! Seems like over the last year or two I've seen a new DJ Vas release come through almost weekly... Maybe we've been restocking a ton of them or maybe this guy is just THAT prolific. Either way, dude has been around mad long and his contribution to the out of control edit game is SUPER WELCOME. Volume 5 in his ongoing series of "Re-edits & More" might be the best one yet with some vintage bangers flipped for the modern dance floor done with enough style and grace to please biggie. The thing I like about ol Vas is that dude keeps it simple, stripped back, but leaves enough soul in there to not take away from the originals used... a fine line. Not gonna go into super detail of what tracks he used and all that nerd sh*t, just listen. Guaranteed to make a booty jiggle.

  • EDR 2015
reviewed by Large Marge 7/2015