Ebony Cuts Out of Work / Can't You See Me (Roy Ayers) 12"

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More disco heaters from the infallible Kojak! For release number 15 DJ Ionik steps to Ebony Cuts for two masterful edits. First up on the chopping block is Jesse Gould's "Out of Work," a stomping, funky disco burner full of peak time energy. Ebony Cuts blends the vocal and instrumental versions from the original P&P release together for maximum bumpability. The result is a little off kilter because the kicks don't sit quite right, but who gives an F. This is a killer. On the flip he takes the razor to Roy Ayers break filled jazz funk classic, "Can't You See Me." It's a little mellower than the A side, but still worth that precious space in your bag.

  • music label: Kojak Giant Sounds 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 06/2013