Eddie C Country City Country 2LP

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These vinyl copies are new, unplayed copies. However, due to storage, the covers show some wear (light corner bends). Thefore, the we have put them on sale.

Eddie C returns to Endless Flight for his second full length effort. The Berlin based Canadian producer takes us on a journey that shows the depth of his musical taste and influences. The album opens with a nod to Jamaica before heading into some surprisingly funky hip hop instrumentals. It's refreshing to hear Eddie C's heady, loop-based beats when so many other producers seem to be heading in a different direction. Especially pleasing is "Fool On The Hill" which weds boom bap technique with soulful disco samples. Taken as a whole the tracks progress in a similar manner to a DJ set, with tempos moving slightly faster with each track. This provides for a great listening experience, while ensuring that there will be plenty of material that you can play out. There are plenty of standout moments from the 808 workout that makes up the backbone of "Erase" to the Brazilian rhythms of "La Palette." Country City Country is a prodigious endeavor from a producer that has managed to carve out his own place in the world of dance music.

  • music label: Endless Flight 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 02/2013