Efficient Space Sky Girl Vinyl 2LP

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Songs of lost love and heartbreak compiled by two deep digging Parisian DJs. Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae seem to have sourced the material that makes up Sky Girl mainly from private press releases and obscure one off singles. The songs span nearly three decades, from 1960 to 1990 and run the gamut from freak folk to minimal wave experimentation. Although the tracks might have some stylistic differences they're all tied together by a pervasive sense of longing and melancholy. This is a special record, similar to Chocolate Industries Personal Space, but with its sights set on outsider folk and rock opposed to the latter's funk focus. Fifteen tracks in all. Released by Efficient Space on double vinyl with cover art by Perks and Mini's Misha Hollenbach and liner notes from Ivan Smagghe. Recommended.

  • double vinyl pressing
  • compiled by DJ Sundae & Julien Dechery
  • cover art by Perks and Mini's Misha Hollenbach
  • liner notes from Ivan Smagghe
  • music label: Efficient Space 2016
reviewed by Arty Marty 08/2016